2016 Northwest Tea Festival–it’s not too early to plan

I hope you are doing some fall planning.  What(?) we’re finally getting summer here in the northwest! 

One of the best things about fall is the Northwest Tea Festival—so much tea…what to taste…how to choose!!!???  It’s happening October 1&2 at the Fisher Pavilion, Seattle Center and this year it will be better than ever with up to 30 vendors, tea tastings, tea workshops, and a multitude of presentations.  I love this event because it really is for everyone—from age six to 106! 

As most of my customers know, I am a big advocate of parents and kids exploring tea and establishing a daily (or weekly if you must) tea time.  Bring out a tea pot and conversation, connection, and ease just flows.  As I say, there is always the tea to talk about until something else comes up.

But the Northwest Tea Festival has plenty for everyone.  I think my favorite part as a vendor is listening to everyone’s comments on the teas, what they like and what they can leave.  Everyone’s palate is different so there are many differences in preferences.  The great thing about having all the vendors there offering tastings, Festival-attendees can really explore what works for them, and, they have opportunity to buy.  You can also find out about new and established tea stores in our northwest community which will be fun to visit after the Festival.

From now until the Festival, we have 2016 Tea Festival posters and cards at Experience Tea.  Come by and get one or two to post in your workplace break room and at your favorite gathering place.  Make the Festival a co-worker event, then have fun sharing the teas with each other.   Tea: the natural connector!

Find out more at: NWteafestival.com