Welcome to a New Year!

I hope you are as excited about 2019 as I am!  2018 was a year of challenge and change for many of my customers—and myself.  We grown through challenges and they are a part of life: I’m just so grateful tea is with us to comfort us through.  And I’m so happy that tea drinking is taking on more popularity.

Interest in tea and herbal infusions continues to grow—and I’ve watched the expansion on so many levels.  Lots of people my own age are turning to tea, or drinking more tea in order to substitute other beverages that don’t work well for them.  Young people are discovering tea and loving how varied and sensory-rich it is, while also valuing the connection and inclusiveness it brings to relationships.

I am still committed as ever to helping people discover tea—it brings so much satisfaction to my life.  It’s funny, I was talking to my friend Andrew, the Happy Tea Man yesterday about my early experiences with learning tea and contemplating a business in tea: I was (am) so compelled to help people discover tea that there was (is) no question what I was going to do (am doing).  No question.