third gift of tea: it’s multigenerational

So who drinks tea?  Just about every age level—from age 10 to 110.  Tea is a unique beverage that brings together different generations in a household, school, club, or social event—gathering around the pot, sharing talk about the tea, reminiscing, and just feeling included.  In fact, tea is one of those things where you can just sit with a group and sip while being quiet with others.

It is not uncommon to have three generations (and not all women) in my Tea Discovery Class, exploring tea together and having a unique connection with many personal stories about tea in their lives.  As I’ve said many times “tea is just like wine (its complexity), but is legal for all ages”. 

Even though its 5,000 years old, tea is still very undiscovered and has a “cool” factor for young people, while it has comfort and familiarity for all ages. 


Tea is enjoyed by everyone

Tea is inclusive of all ages