There’s Always the Tea To Talk About

There’s lots of benefits in a Tea Discovery Class, but I believe one of the biggest treasures is the opportunity for parents to take the class with their pre-teens and teenagers.  Discovering tea together can lead to a valuable shared past-time of visiting tea places, checking out what they have, tasting, growing together in your tea interest and sophistication, and simply–sharing a pot of tea in the evening.

When my daughter was in middle and high school, I would always ask “how was your day honey?” and would usually get a few syllable reply or maybe just a “fine”.   I know this is pretty typical as young people go through their teenage years, but this was before I really knew much about tea or knew how to connect with her over tea.

It’s so heartening to watch parents and their kids explore tea together and to listen to their shared respect (most times) for each other’s favorites and interests in tea.  I’ve had many parents tell me that when there isn’t much talking going on, the presence of tea steeping and sharing a pot just begins conversation.  There is always the tea to talk about…and usually this starts other conversation.

I guess what I’m hearing and watching is the safety of tea.   It kind of sounds silly when I read my own words here, but it’s true.  Tea creates a safe and neutral environment for whatever conversation wants to or needs to come out.  Although not necessary, a Tea Discovery Class as a way to enhance the conversation and shared experience: it presents tea as a sophisticated, intellectual, and fun study that just lends more to talk about.

To parents and kids going back to school this week: have a fulfilling journey of learning and fun this school year!


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