the fifth gift of tea: it’s health enhancing

This is not about tea being a miracle cure or it having qualities that can ward off certain illnesses.  This is about the overall goodness that tea can bring to you as part of a healthy lifestyle. The leaves of  Camellia sinensis, the tea plant, are rich in polyphenols called catechins that have documented antioxidant benefits, so there is compelling reason to make tea a part of your day.  But the real health enhancing benefits come from the relaxation and ritual of making and enjoying tea—alone or with friends.

Sharing, laughing and enjoying other’s company have been shown to reduce stress and improve well-being.   Tea’s part in this is the fun of sharing a pot with the group.  Yesterday, I attended my Seattle area Tea Meetup get together at a local British pu- style tea room.  There were ten of us and we had a fun time getting to know each other, sharing past tea experiences and laughing at life.  Believe me, we did not go there for the tea: there was not much choice in tea nor was there much tea knowledge on the part of the serving staff.  But we still all had a good time and I would do it again at the same place because it made me(us) happy and that is health-enhancing.

Enjoying tea at a british style tea room

Enjoying tea with friends feels great!