The Coolest People…

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One of my regulars—a college student, I’ll call her Shauna (yes, a made-up name), came into the Studio last week to catch up.  She talked about her summer job as a life guard at one of the area’s public pools, and how, although she was outside enjoying the sun, the job was boring for her. 

Trying not to put on my lecture face, I empathized then told her that most jobs have their boring times and proceeded to lodge my complaint about how the tea business slows a lot in the summer—it too can have boring afternoons.  Shauna’s reply: “yeah, but you get to meet really cool and interesting people and work with tea!” 

Yes, she’s right– I do get to do this and consider it a privilege.  The best part of what I do is meet wonderful, interesting, multi-dimensional people; I share tea, and in return, they share themselves, their families, life experiences, and of course their love of tea.

I treasure it every day.

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