tea…way more than a drink

Trying to spread the word about tea and its many nurturing gifts—it takes a lot more than advertising in local newspapers.  Especially what I do here at Experience Tea Studio—teaching Tea Discovery Classes in small group settings: it’s sometimes difficult to help newcomers  understand what a Tea Discovery class is and why they might like it. 

The other day I called the Seattle Times hoping to catch someone, anyone, who might listen to my story about the Studio and my quest to help people discover tea.  Believe it or not, I actually talked to three live bodies (and left a lot of voicemails), but kept getting directed to their food writer, who is independent and not that easily reached.  It really got me thinking about how most people think of tea:  as a food and only relate to its taste.  If you have talked with me for any period of time, and/or taken my Tea Discovery Class, you know that I’m passionate about many aspects (gifts) of tea and how it can nurture the spirit as well as provide a pleasurable sensory experience for the body.

I strive to provide wonderful- tasting, fresh, unique teas for people to buy, but as/or more important, I hope to help people discover tea’s power to encourage communication and connection with others–children (especially teenagers),  spouse, friends, and co-workers.  You can always entice others to join you for a pot of tea… good conversation almost always comes about.  The tea itself helps the conversations start…”what kind is this…”, “lets try this one tonight…”, etc. , but moves on to open deeper, authentic and real conversation.  It’s kind of hard to be angry or combative over a pot of tea—don’t you agree?

Tasting Tea in Xiamen (2)

Tea: yes, it’s a drink/food/thing that fills your stomach…but its true gifts go way beyond.