Tea Opens Worlds and Connects

I know I focus on this a lot, but in the past week I’ve had so many people tell me about how tea influenced goodness in their lives…beyond its wonderful taste.  Following are just two examples.

I ran into Jean, one of my customers, at the gym earlier in the week.  Jean brought her in-laws to my Tea Discovery Class about two years ago and before she came in she told me “my father-in-law is very hard headed and doesn’t like tea”, but her mother does.  I remember them—her father-in-law was, cordial and asked a lot of questions.  He also took copious notes, and he and Jean’s mother-in-law both seemed pretty engaged.  Two years later he still talks about how interesting tea is.  Jean said “I think his world opened up a little bit” (of course…and yay!).

“Tea has helped me bridge a relationship with my daughter-in-law” said Eva, another customer/friend.  Eva’s daughter-in-law Anna is a brilliant research scientist and Eva has wanted to find some common interest or way of connection that felt easy and authentic.  A year ago she sent Anna a tea pot and some tea for the holidays—which thoroughly delighted her.  Now when she talks to her son and daughter-in-law, Anna always mentions the latest tea she has tried and sends Eva lots of samples from her favorite store. Anna told me she feels a bond that just wasn’t there before tea.

This is really why I do what I do…sell and teach tea…because it brings so much dimension to people’s lives, and it helps foster communication, warmth, and appreciation.  Tea really is magical way beyond what we might think.


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