Tea and Weight loss

One of my regular customers suggested I add a class on Tea and Weight loss—adding that “it would probably be really popular”.

I’m not likely to offer this class, but want to update my thoughts on this–I know I’ve blogged on the subject before.  I do have many people who ask about weight loss and tea because of recent media features.

Tea is a good replacement for sugary, caloric drinks and you can readily find information about its antioxidant health benefits.  Some people have mentioned that drinking tea in the evening curbs their appetite and keeps them from snacking.  Although there are media and some advertiser claims that certain teas promote weight loss, I’ve not personally heard from anyone that inclusion of tea in their diet, without other diet or exercise changes has resulted in weight loss.

My experience tells me though that you benefit most if you love your tea and look forward to drinking it.  Whether the latest weight loss claims focus on green, oolong or pu’erh tea (these are the most frequently cited), it’s important to like (preferably love) that type of tea.  Not everyone’s chemistry works with all, some, or one of these teas and it’s unlikely you will drink it very long if you just don’t like the taste or how it makes you feel.

For what it’s worth, these are some things that have made losing weight easier for me:

  • I’ve found drinking tea or herbals in the evening instead of alcohol benefits me. It’s hard for me to make lasting good food habit changes if I’m still drinking wine at night (it triggers sugar cravings for me).
  • No food plan or diet will work for me unless I’m personally ready to make changes.
  • I am a very devoted exerciser and find it helps stabilize mood, burns calories and motivates me to stick with my food-plan.
  • Books have helped with food-plan structure and exercise motivation, but for me food-plan restrictions get old fast. I have loved the book Thin from Within by Dr. Habib Sadeghi. For me, getting to my “right weight” has been more of an inside job.
  • I like having a weight loss buddy who is willing to make most of the same food changes and also might be an exercise companion.

I’m always happy to share my own experiences, but each person is different and has to find the fitness or weight loss path that works for them.  Live well, eat well, enjoy tea because you love it!

White tea in the making