Surrender to Tea?

This morning during my daily meditation a tea thought intruded (this so often happens) that tea is something you surrender to while it seems to me coffee is more something to power boost your engine.  Surrender to me, means not forcing, but being open to the experience (which today may be different than yesterday).  Tea is subtle.  Although teas vary in strength and aroma, it doesn’t scream at you “I’m here” so it requires you pay attention.  I have had people say to me “tea has no flavor” (pause)…hmmmm, smell/taste this.

Let’s think about morning tea.  Good tea takes some time to prepare and the ritual of:  1) deciding which tea today: 2) preparing the water:  3) choosing the cup; 4) steeping the leaves; 5) enjoying the aroma and taste, and being open to the new day experience is all part of the surrender.   Tea asks that you surrender your time, your schedule, your busyness for a few minutes.  In return, you may delight in the present moment and feel just a little less stressed about the day.

Bed Tea