Saying good-bye to a valued neighbor (for now)


If you have been into the Studio over the past two years, then you have probably also discovered my retail neighbor business “So There”, owned by artist Alison Lang.  This past Sunday was the last day of operating as a bricks-and-mortar business (as Alison says “for now”) for So There—Alison decided to make some changes with her business and elected not to renew her lease.  Our little building is a community of artists and teachers who respect and support each other—there has been a wonderful synergy of our businesses and So There was a valued part of us.

When I think of So There and everything I loved about it: going in to see the beautiful prints and choosing one I knew my daughter would love; finding a perfect card for each person and occasion; handling the hand-made mugs and making up a gift I knew would be appreciated.  Over the past two years I’ve had a number of family and friends who have given birth and are now enjoying a blanket or soft cuddle cloth made locally and with care.  

But that is just the Store.  More to be missed is Alison herself—she’s open, authentic, funny, helpful, caring and inclusive.  She is a young woman who impresses me with her commitment to holding true to her vision of only carrying local hand-crafted items. In the face of seeing many beautiful mass-produced products, easily stocked, she focused on her vision of promoting local artists and bringing quality to us all.  You will still be able to buy her art and products she promotes for other artists through her website:

Co-tenants and community–we will all miss you Alison. 

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