Moving from wine to tea…

The Tea Aroma Pervades all Family

What?  Why would anyone do that?

For some people it makes perfect sense and as the owner of a Tea Studio, I am hearing this sentiment from my customers more and more.   Each person has his/her own reasons for not drinking alcohol, but it is comforting to know that tea is looked upon as a desired substitute.

Tea offers a path of exploration and a broad range of tastes and styles—it’s sensory and social—similar to wine.   It has a strong cultural connection in the world—also like wine.   But tea goes a few steps further:  it is family friendly and can be shared with all members—granted for the young ones you might want to use a tisane.  Tea in the evening is an inclusive ritual that works as a communal connection, encouraging conversation and inviting participation.  As a solitary experience it can be the simple process for reconnecting to yourself.   

Preparing and enjoying tea is one of the most authentic experiences I know.