Morning Tea With The Sun

Waking with The Sun

My July issue of The Sun arrived yesterday and I have been absorbed in it all morning—making it even better with a large pot of organic English breakfast tea.  It feels right to start the day with inspirational reading and writing while I’m also feeling grateful in tea.

This is the second time I’ve felt compelled to write about this subscriber-supported magazine– I know it’s because I’m certain that tea people (or anyone) will love it.  This magazine was started over 30 years ago by Sy Safransky whose commitment to publishing good quality articles, stories, creative writing, poetry and more without advertising bias, brings subscribers true treasure.   Reading about his story of starting this magazine, his ups and downs, and commitment is very compelling and well worth the time to read too. 

Writers/Contributors for The Sun are people making a difference in the world—large and small, not taking themselves too seriously, but giving us insight to feel and think about our own lives in relation to this world.  There is true substance here.

Thanks to my sister Leslie, I found The Sun and I’m hoping you will too.  Enjoy it with your favorite tea.