I’ll put a kettle on…

China Trip 174

I’ve recently become hooked on “Last Tango in Halifax”, a British television series that is available on Netflix (my only media entertainment).  It is wonderfully cast and is a love story of two people finding each other again after 60 years—plus a lot of funny and serious drama around their extended families.

Every episode has someone saying “I’ll put a kettle on” or “shall I put a kettle on?” in greeting a visitor or in response to some family crisis.  To me, this means “let’s talk” or “let me comfort you” or “time for you to relax and let me take over”.   As a tea person I get this—tea seems to give a lift to mood, but it also calms the situation—as well as the people in the situation.   No more needs to be said: tea will be made and everything will right itself.   Another benefit I’ve noticed, is that if we don’t know what to say, going through the process of making tea allows space for conversation to arise. 

Making tea…what could be more caring?