Iced Tea To-go and Experience Tea

OK, so here is what I have to say: no…at least for now. 


The really hot weather is upon us, earlier in the summer than what I remember from previous years.  Each day I welcome at least one person into the Studio asking me if I do iced tea to-go.  When I answer “no” I usually get a disappointed and puzzled look—and I’m sure the person thinks I’m crazy not to tap this revenue stream.

But I do have my reasons:  Most important, I have a visceral reaction to the waste created by the tall plastic cups, lids and straws that to-go iced tea requires.  And secondarily the investment in equipment  and licensing to serve iced tea (health department involvement) is unappealing.  I apologize to my disappointed patrons.

I feel much better about giving out samples of cold-brewed iced tea and encouraging people to cold-brew their own iced tea—which you can easily do with any lidded-glass container.  You just put the tea and cold water into the vessel at night and the next morning you have great iced tea.  Best of all, you can use your own reusable drinking vessel, and save the waste created by single cups to-go.  Also, for anyone who asks, I willingly give drinks of filtered water.

I do serve hot tea to-go so how is this different?  It’s not, but over my three-plus years in business, I’ve compromised to offer this because of demand, and the cups are compostable (but admittedly the lids are not). 

And as for the “ready to drink” bottles of iced tea…I understand from several good sources that the pasteurization process for these drinks kills the anti-oxidants that are otherwise in fresh-brewed tea.

Enjoy your tea—its best made at home with family and friends.