Good tea at the office…

Don’t just dream about it, start a “tea club” among your co-workers so you can all enjoy good tasting loose leaf tea at work.  If your workplace is like many, the budget for tea and coffee keeps getting slimmer,  or may not exist at all.  And if there is a beverage stand in the building lobby, you can bet it’s a coffee place that probably doesn’t do tea very well.  So a tea club helps make sure tea lovers have access to good tea.

One of my customers came into the Studio the other day to tell me that she is now the designated tea purchaser for her “tea club” at work.  How does her group’s tea club work?  They determine a dollar amount that each person will contribute toward tea each month, rally participants, collect and pool the money and one person goes out to purchase a selection of teas for all of them to enjoy.   There is no hard and fast rule about how a tea club has to be structured though, or what participants should be drinking—it’s just a matter of a few people giving it some thought and structure then looking for participants.

There is power in numbers too—by pooling your money and interests, everyone in the group gets to try  many different teas without making a huge personal commitment to any one tea.   What I like best is that tea encourages discussion about its tastes, aromas, value, etc. which can easily move toward more connection with your coworkers.   And who knows…maybe the tea club will want to take a tea class so they can learn more and further their tea journey together—what a bonding experience!

 tea at the office