Good Sleep


I read another article this morning telling readers how to get good sleep—unfortunately, the author  didn’t say anything new or anything that really has helped me get a good night’s sleep.  A lot of us have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep all night.  Truthfully, if I go to bed at 10PM and stay asleep till at least 4AM—I feel like a winner!  I refuse to take prescription sleep medicine, and both melatonin and valerian give me a hangover.  Here are the things I do that seem to work for me and if they help you too, well that’s terrific!

  1.  Take calcium with minerals about an hour before bed
  2. Wear earplugs to bed
  3. Take a bath with Epsom salts or other relaxing bath salts in the evening
  4.  Give yourself a really good foot massage at night (I roll my foot around on a golf ball that is on my thick carpet).
  5. Drink an herbal tea with chamomile in it (actually any herbal tea will do—it’s the relaxing ritual of having tea in the evening that helps me to unwind).

I’m not a chamomile fan—at least I didn’t think I was and it probably was because, long ago, I was buying chamomile tea bags and the brew was not appealing.  Since opening Experience Tea, I’ve developed a couple of herbal tea blends  with chamomile that I just love:  Chamomile Coconut Bliss; NW Sunsets; and Happy Nights.  The chamomile lends a sweetness to the overall taste and gives it just the right dimension.  So much the better that it relaxes and helps me sleep.