Girl Scouts at the 2014 Northwest Tea Festival

As members of the Northwest Tea Festival Planning Committee, we are all tasked with promotion of the Tea Festival—to find new and different ways to let people know about this wonderful event.   Connecting Girl Scouts of Western Washington was a natural for me because of my positive experience teaching tea to Girl Scouts in the Studio.  I wasn’t quite sure how we would do this…or if Girl Scouts of Western Washington would think this a worthwhile event to promote, but through some brain-storming, planning, and genuine interest in helping young people learn about the world, we’ve come up with a great plan.

We have created a “Tea & Asian Cultures” event just for Girl Scouts and will be offering this Sunday morning, October 5 from 9:30AM to 11:30AM.  The girls will receive a patch that is specific to learning about and appreciating people of China, Japan and India, with the added bonus of experiencing all this through tea!  There are actually about 18 different activities we will undertake—all required to earn the patch.

The Girl Scouts are committed to inclusiveness of all cultures and the “Asian Cultures Patch” was created by the Chicago Chapter as part of an American Heritage Cultural Program.  America is made of so many different cultures and the more exposure and appreciation that is encouraged, the better.

Tea is a perfect medium for learning about cultures of Asia, and because tea is so undiscovered, I know the girls will have as much fun getting immersed in the countries and the tea.