Finding Tea in The Sun



Enjoying tea at a british style tea room

Enjoying tea with friends feels great!

My favorite magazine, The Sun, arrived yesterday, and if you have never read this subscriber-supported magazine—then I urge you to treat yourself and find the July issue.   There is way too much explanation and praise warranted for this magazine and I can’t do it justice, but I want to share some insight I gained from a meaningful article titled “The One You’re With” by Angela Winter.   The article is an interview with psychologist Barbara Fredrickson and delves into her ongoing research about the power of love in keeping us healthy.  She talks about “micro-moments” of love and to quote her quote in The Sun, “love blossoms virtually anytime two or more people…connect over a shared positive emotion.”


This research that Fredrickson is doing goes way beyond what might be considered “woo-woo” by some.  She’s conducting controlled studies with electrode connected humans, monitoring their heart, lungs and maybe other things while they project loving thoughts.  Apparently, her research and testing is showing significant improvement in body functions as the subjects focus on these loving thoughts.  A good deal of the interview/article however centers around her observation and respect for  “micro-moments” of connecting with people—talking face-to-face (sorry technology), making eye contact and being present: this is a form of momentary love that helps both participants and may just help improve overall health.


Of course I quickly connected this to tea and what I consider the most healthful aspect of tea: the one-on-one connection between two or more people sharing tea.  If you have come into my Studio and asked about health benefits of teas, you know that I will explain published research, but quickly let the inquirer know that it’s really the benefit to the mind (and/or the heart) that is most powerful for health.   Bringing a pot of tea to the table tells people “I’m giving you my time and attention and there is nothing else more important at this moment”.


I’m grateful for tea.