dr. oz and tea…wowee!

One of my customers brought in her latest issue of Women’s World Magazine (May 28, 2012) and asked to buy pu’erh because in an article on page 18, Dr. Oz says it helps you lose weight.   We looked through the article together and found it also quotes several other people who offer that you may not even need to diet!  I’m personally really hoping they are right, but somehow with all the pu’erh I drink, the weight isn’t magically dropping off.

Pu’erh is not a tea that everyone likes…in fact when we taste it in my Tea Discovery Class, I find about half the attendees initially dislike it.  I had to warm up to pu’erh initially and now find I am fonder of the raw, aged variety versus the cooked.  My advice to anyone is to buy pu’erh where you can taste a sample so you don’t spend money on something you won’t like.  Although pu’erh has a consistent earthy taste and quality, some pu’erhs taste better than others.  I’ve seen some with flavors too, but haven’t tried them.

My customer and I tasted both kinds of pu’erh and she chose the raw, aged variety to take home.  I have seen her since and she’s still enjoying her tea.  I’ll stay tuned on whether it has the magical weight loss benefits for her…I hope so!