Convincing Families One-by-One

I love to hear it: …”my son is really into tea”…, or ”my daughter is 12 and loves tea—I don’t know where she gets this fascination with tea…”  I think to myself: oh, so much opportunity for connection.  Tea has this amazing power to encourage togetherness, conversation, and exploration that it makes one of the best parent/child bonding opportunities.

There are a lot of families who come into our building here in Issaquah—it’s studio space and we are all “teaching tenants”: Kaleidescope Music; Art by Fire Glass School; and Experience Tea—we all offer classes for ages 6 to 106.  Often, kids will bring parents in to the Studio to explore and it’s always an opportunity to talk about how beneficial a parent/child tea hobby can be.

Right on my front counter is a stack of “Save-the-Date” cards for the Northwest Tea Festival—and at every opportunity I encourage my customers to take one, and, to consider including the whole family for a day of fun, tea tasting, and education.  People who have never been to the Festival struggle a little with how this could possibly be a family event because they think of tea only as an adult beverage.  At the Festival, there is lots of tea, but there are numerous cultural experiences with tea ceremony demonstrations, vendors selling herbals (in addition to true tea), and a world of new taste experiences.  You can even buy tea and tea ware to take home.

The Northwest Tea Festival is at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, September 1 & October 2 this year.  For more information:  Don’t miss the opportunity!