Celebrating Five Years!


I can’t believe it’s almost been five years since opening Experience Tea—time has passed so quickly.  But then, when I think of all that’s happened, the wonderful customers I’ve met, and all the lessons I’ve learned—there is a lot packed into this tiny bit of time. 

When I first opened in the small studio C, inside the building (no Front Street visibility), I heard a lot of “…how do people find you?”  …”are you doing OK…how is business going?”  …”wouldn’t it be better if you were out front?” 

Starting out in Studio C had its advantages: the rent was reasonable; the building attracted a lot of traffic every day because of the music classes and glass classes taught by other tenants; and it was a perfect size for my initial vision.

In first planning Experience Tea, I knew I needed to create tea drinkers and made tea discovery classes a vital part of my business.  Teaching people about tea helps them feel more empowered to explore, and, very importantly, opens up a huge undiscovered dimension in tea.

The inside space served me well for four years, and when one of the Front Street studios opened up in 2015, it felt like time to move so here I am.

The Studio success comes from my customers–their loyalty, championing and support.  Many of my customers have been coming into the Studio since I opened and they bring friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to browse and learn.  I love to help people discover tea so it’s been a gratifying synergy of sharing tea, life experiences, world experiences and purpose.

The most valuable things I’ve learned and practice: listening; patience; optimism; confidence in my course; acceptance of things I can’t control; practicing truth and authenticity with customers and just appreciating that I get to work in this business/ town/ region/country.

Thank you all for your support, confidence, and friendship.

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