Bed Tea

Bed TeaPreparing a tray with your favorite teapot and cup, maybe a lovely treat to go with it and carting it all back (up in my case) to your bedroom, getting back into bed and enjoying that whole pot of tea while slowly waking up to the new day: this is “bed tea”.  It is a luxurious and wonderful way to start your day, yet so simple and easy to do. 

The concept of this luxury (for me) started in Sri Lanka with our tour group—one of our couple-companions were served bed tea at their tea estate experience and told us how much they enjoyed it.  At first, I thought ‘well, of course I can do that, but I kind of like my current routine of getting up and drinking my pot of tea in my family room.’  When I returned from Sri Lanka I decided to try bed tea and took my tray, teapot and cup back to bed for a half hour:  I am a changed person.  I absolutely love spending the extra time in the warmth and coziness of my bed, with no radio, TV or other distraction—only my tea. 

Your reality may include getting kids off to school and/or getting yourself off to work and savoring bed tea every morning just isn’t possible, but think about working it into your weekend.  This is a luxury worth discovering.