An ET Winner at the Northwest Tea Festival


This blog is about a tea that took us by surprise at the Northwest Tea Festival—Ajiri Kenyan Black Tea!  This is the winner of the tea competition in the Experience Tea booth—unofficially of course—and really it is just because people kept asking to taste it.  They were either captivated by the cause—a nonprofit (aren’t we all?) tea company whose mission is to pay school fees for children orphaned in a small village in Kenya, or they liked the box (hand decorated) or they heard about Kenyan black tea and just wanted to try it. 

Although it’s a CTC tea (crush, tear, curl) and by some standards considered too “everyday”, Ajiri has proved to be a very flavorful, fruity, black tea with a lot of depth and appeal.  I like it as a self-drinker, but it can easily stand up to milk and sugar.  I’m certain that any black tea fan will love the taste of this tea.

Good taste aside, the cause is what I find so very compelling and mainly why I keep introducing it to people: empowering education opportunity for kids in a developing nation.  Ajiri was launched in 2009 by Sarah Holby and her mother Anne and through tireless work they are making some real headway with selling Ajiri around the world.

Besides supporting Ajiri through our wholesale purchase of their tea, Experience Tea Studio gives $1 to the Ajiri Foundation for every box of tea we sell. The past two years we have been able to give over $100 each year.  That means we engage all of you to be part of this great endeavor and I’m committed to help it grow.