Ajiri Tea is Changing Lives in Kenya

Another year has passed and Experience Tea made our annual donation to Ajiri Foundation—equal to $1 per box of tea sold.  In 2015 we sold 47 boxes of Ajiri Kenyan Black Tea so I’ve just sent a check to the Foundation for $47.  It doesn’t sound like much, but I’m thrilled that our Ajiri customers know and support the cause, plus love the taste of this wonderful black tea.  Keep in mind that the wholesale price Experience Tea pays for the tea goes to supporting the educational cause too.  Giving our extra $1 per box sold is a way to go beyond what is asked and really involve our customers in improving the world.

Ajiri Foundation pays education-related costs for orphans in western Kenya.  Although primary education is free, in order to attend, the families must buy uniforms, classroom materials and transportation.  School fees for secondary education are very high and must be paid by student’s families.  Many cannot afford them so even if a child attends primary education he/she may not be able to continue school past 8th grade.  Ajiri is currently sponsoring 29 students: fifteen in high school and 14 in primary school.

Experience Tea has carried boxes of Ajiri Tea since we opened in 2011—it’s the only tea-bag tea we carry (we also have the loose-leaf Ajiri).  The container boxes are creative and colorful, delighting the buyer and/or gift recipient, while engendering good feelings about helping support the cause of education in Kenya.  Women of the village decorate the artistic boxes and so contribute to the effort.

A box of Ajiri Tea makes a meaningful gift for family, friends, clients, employees, teachers—just about everyone.   I like to say its “doing good while doing tea”.  Thanks everyone!


Photos are from Ajiritea.com

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