A Summer of Tea

You are probably thinking an iced beverage is about the only thing related to tea that most people want in the summer.  Well, in my case it will be all about teaching tea while college students are home for a few months, high schoolers need something to keep them busy, and children want a new and absorbing interest.  I have tea classes scheduled in my studio for all age levels and will be offering day and evening classes each week during June, July and August.

What is new is that I’m scheduled to teach tea in continuing education programs at three community colleges this summer: Bellevue College, Pierce College and Lake Washington Technical College.  I am very excited (and at the same time humbled) by these opportunities and look forward to reaching more people who want to learn about tea, but can’t make the trip into Issaquah.  It will be especially gratifying if multiple family members take a class together because I know that after they learn the basics and taste the spectrum of true tea, it (tea) will become a place of connection for them for the rest of their lives.

Uniquely, my class at Lake Washington Technical College is part of the Teen Summer Program.   If you’ve read my past blogs, you know I believe tea has many benefits to offer teens, the first of which is getting to know something most people know nothing about.  As weird as that sounds, I think there is attraction, intrigue, and confidence-building  in learning about something that has had a huge impact in the world, is fairly complex and is very available (and legal) yet is so undiscovered.  And it has such a huge spectrum of tastes to try, talk about, research, and debate.  Hardly a day goes by that I don’t have a teen in my Studio exploring tea and going through my sensory jars, or taking a class with one or both parents.  In almost every instance my young customer(s) will talk about teas they like to share with their parents or grandparents, or teas their parents like, but they don’t and teas they like, but their parents don’t.  No matter, it is connection for communication.

Think about what you have planned for this summer…and if you have kids at home, consider a tea class together: it will serve you for many years to come.