A Green Tea Tasting Comparison Event

Thursday July 10, 2014 – Thursday July 10, 2014

195 Front Street

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 Green Tea Tasting/Comparison Event July 10, 2014 7PM

Come spend an evening at Experience Tea Studio in Issaquah with Noli Ergas of Sujimoto, USA and Roberta Fuhr, tasting and learning about some of the premium green teas of Japan, China and Korea.  Noli will lead us in sampling and comparing food-grade matcha and ceremonial matcha and move on to steep some wonderful Fukamushi Sencha and the highly prized Gyokura.  We’ll then get into tasting and comparing a few Chinese greens as well as Korean Ujian (this year’s “first-pick” crop) and Korean Jungjak.  Don’t miss this event–there is no charge, but attendance is limited to 16.  Register at www.experience-tea.com/classes.