Come Discover Tea

Why learn about tea?

  • Tea is complex and absorbing with a broad spectrum of types, tastes and appeal, connecting to many different cultures (just like wine but its calorie-free and you can still drive!)
  • There is beauty, comfort and warmth in preparing and drinking tea
  • There are many ways to enjoy tea…way beyond the tea bag! The more you explore tea, the more you will want to learn
  • Tea has no age limit—its appeal is multi-generational
  • Learning and tasting tea is a great alternative to TV, newspapers, political talk shows and trashy novels (well, maybe not the latter)

Gift Certificates for classes are available by contacting us through email. We can mail them directly to friends and family.

Custom tea classes can be arranged for your group, club, or family.

Contact us at or call 206-406-9838.

Since our classes are limited to 8 people, 24 hour notice is required to reschedule your class. Thanks for your help with this.

Class Descriptions

Tea Discovery Class

Our introduction to tea where you will learn what tea is, where tea is grown and produced, and how tea becomes white, green, oolong, black and pu’erh. You’ll learn the difference between tea and tisane (and does it matter?). We’ll taste teas from the top five tea producing Asian countries: China, Taiwan, Japan, Sri Lanka and India. There is fun history, myth and lore shared—you won’t be bored. This class is recommended for all people curious about tea, and especially helpful if taken prior to our other classes. You will leave with a good orientation to tea. Class is $25 per person. Class is 1-1/2 hours long.  It’s a great class for groups including company team-building groups.

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Children’s Tea & Etiquette Class

Kids love tea!  In this class we explore teas from around the world and steep five or six teas–in traditional cultural ways–to enjoy!  There are some traditional tea foods we taste with our tea.  Participants learn about white, green and black teas, as well as rooibos and fruit teas.  We spend time with proper table setting and manners for tea time (or any time).  At the end of the class each participant can choose a tea from the class to take home.  This class is structured for ages 6 to 10.  Each class is limited to six participants at a time.  This class will appeal to children from ages six to 10. Cost: $25 per participant.

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British Tea Traditions & History

The tradition of Afternoon Tea is loved in our western culture, and it’s fun to learn the history of how it all started. In this class we learn about the early European and British tea trade with the Chinese while we taste examples of teas reminiscent of the early trade.  You’ll learn about how the trade evolved and how tea played its part in the changing social structure of England.  This is an enjoyable 90 minutes of tasting tea, savoring tea sweets, and traveling through history. $30 per person.

Tea & Chocolate Pairing

Spend 90 minutes with your two favorite substances—tasting an array of different flavors as we combine fabulous teas and chocolates.  This class involves five teas and five different chocolates as we methodically go through steeping each tea and trying it with each chocolate.  There are many taste surprises and participants are encouraged to record their favorites on our tasting sheets.  People of all ages enjoy this class.  $30 per person

Experience Matcha & Green Teas

Have you found a green tea you truly love? I’m sure we have one for you. Explore the world of green teas from China, Japan and Korea. Each of the three countries has very different green tea styles, but all are magnificent. You’ll visit the process that keeps green tea…well, green! You’ll learn many of the green tea names and taste up to seven teas in this class. Class cost $30. Class is 1-1/2 hours long.

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Experience White & Pu’erh Teas

These are two very talked-about teas, but what are they?  Why does Dr. Oz seem to like them so much?  They both come from the same species, Camellia sinensis so why are they so different?  We’ll cover the basics of how these teas are made and have a sensory exploration of four white teas and four pu’erh teas.  Class cost: $25 per person.

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Discover Pu’erh and Dark Teas

What exactly is pu’erh tea? There is mystery and history with this tea that is coveted by many, while confusing to some. Pu’erh (pronounced kind of like “poor”), is a fermented tea that improves with age. You’ll learn about the types of pu’erh, where it is grown and produced, the basics of how it is crafted and taste four to five of these earthy teas. Class cost: $30. Class is 1-1/2 hours long.

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Experience White & Oolong Teas

If you are interested in getting to know oolong teas and experiencing the broad spectrum of flavors in the different oxidation levels then you will enjoy this class.  We’ll taste oolongs from China, Taiwan and Darjeeling (untraditional).  This class is combined with a sensory tasting of white teas so you can really get to know these two flavorful categories.  Class cost: $30 per person

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Experience Black Teas

Here is where you really learn the difference between the black tea from a tea bag and the magnificent single origin teas from China, Sri Lanka and India. We’ll explore how black tea is made and the history of black tea (legend has it…it was a mistake). You’ll try different flushes of the same tea and learn how terrior (love that wine term) impacts tea flavor and complexity. Seven different black teas will be tasted in this class. Class cost $25. Class is 1-1/2 hours long.

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Exploring Rooibos, Honey Bush and Tulsi Teas

These are three different plants and this is a lot to cover in one class, but you’ll have a great introduction to these non-caffeinated cousins of real tea (camellia sinensis). Many people do not want caffeine and are looking for an alternative warm drink in the evening. You’ll learn the basics of what each plant is and taste six of the steeped teas. Let’s explore some of the blends and exciting flavors on the market! Class cost $25. Class is 1-1/2 hours long. $25.00 per person

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Custom Tea Blending Workshops

Have you ever wanted to blend your own tea? There are two blending workshops we commonly offer:  White & Herbal Tea Blending; and Chai Blending.  Sometimes I offer Black Tea Blending too. These really fun and interactive workshops let you create your own personal tea blend.  We begin by tasting four “background” base teas and discuss the basics of blending then set you free to blend your creation using tea, spices, herbs and botanicals.  We all taste each other’s blends and you’re given a chance to refine your blend if you’d like.  When you finish, you will package 2 ounces and take it home. What a great gift to make for friends and family—your own personal custom tea blend! Workshop cost: White & Herbal Tea Workshop $45; Chai Blending Workshop $45. Class is 1-1/2 hours.

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