the twelfth gift of tea: comfort and warmth

This is the reason that most of us gravitate to tea: it can help even the worst day feel just a little friendlier.   I like to say that we…Read More

the eleventh gift of tea: its intellectual

Tea is fun and complex to explore.  Beginning with the five well-known types of tea—white, green, oolong, black and pu’erh and then moving on to add yellow and blue…Read More

the tenth gift of tea: beauty

This post is all about the visual (and only touches the surface of the beauty in tea) The color in the cup The tea ware The steeped tea leaves…Read More

the ninth gift of tea: historical connection

 You can’t explore tea without revisiting some of the world history taught in grade school.   Crafting, steeping, enjoying, revering tea goes back a long time…most sources say 5,000 years. …Read More

the eighth gift of tea: your personal tea experience is all yours

There is no one right way to experience tea: with 5,000 years of history, there are dozens of ways people around the world enjoy and experience tea–cultural traditions and…Read More

the seventh gift of tea: a brain calming effect

L-theanine: a non-protein amino acid that is mostly found in tea.  It’s a brain calmer and mitigates the “jittery” effects of caffeine which explains why the ancient Buddhist monks…Read More

the sixth gift of tea: a caffeine lift

Caffeine: the drug of choice for most people around the world…well I’m actually not sure caffeine would be considered a drug…but it works to wake us up in the…Read More

the fifth gift of tea: it’s health enhancing

This is not about tea being a miracle cure or it having qualities that can ward off certain illnesses.  This is about the overall goodness that tea can bring…Read More

fourth gift of tea: cultural inclusion

It’s the second most widely consumed beverage in the world so what a great way to create a bond with people from different cultures.  Tea is a primary household…Read More

third gift of tea: it’s multigenerational

So who drinks tea?  Just about every age level—from age 10 to 110.  Tea is a unique beverage that brings together different generations in a household, school, club, or…Read More

second gift of tea: togetherness

Tea brings people together.  Throughout the world, it is often the first thing offered when visiting another’s home or place of work.  Tea encourages conversation—and is a wonderful excuse…Read More

12 gifts of tea

I love to talk about all the “gifts of tea” and for the next 12 days you try to express these gifts one day at a time. Today’s gift of…Read More

what are we paying for?

What are we really paying for with convenience?  And, what are our choices doing to the environment?     I keep this display in my Studio and new people…Read More

adventures in wuyi shan

Wu Yi Shan is about an hour’s flight northwest of Xiamen and is the volcanic mountainous region where rock oolongs are grown and processed. Our first challenge was actually…Read More

time in anxi and xiamen

    Our two hour drive took us from sea level to about 2,000 ft. elevation. In Anxi we went to a small Tie Guan Yin processing facility and…Read More

my fujian tea tour

I can’t believe two weeks have passed since I returned from my tea tour in Fujian Province.   The trip started with my attendance at Xiamen International Tea Fair and…Read More

12 months of tea

We are in October and It’s been 12 months of sharing tea, teaching tea, and helping people choose great tea ware and gifts here at Experience Tea Studio.   This…Read More

tea & human health symposium

I think we all intuitively feel good about drinking tea whether we know the intricacies of the health benefits or not.  The warmth and ritual of steeping tea lends…Read More

Tea Discovery–taking teambuilding to a new level

The workplace is now a mecca of different cultures—no matter what the business or profession.  Whether co-workers are new immigrants, temporary visitors, 1st generation or 5th generation, there are…Read More

White Silver Tip Ceylon

I have an official rule for ordering high-end teas to carry in the Studio: when I’m willing to drink the whole pound myself then I can order the tea. …Read More