Life on a tea estate

One of the best highlights of my recent Sri Lanka trip was staying on a Tea Estate in Nuwara Eliya for three days with the Estate Manager, Nishantha, hisRead more

Empowering Girls Through Tea

I’ve written a few times about the power of tea to connect cultures and help broaden an individual’s world—just by knowing a little about tea, where it is grownRead more

Sri Lanka–An Odyssey in Tea and Travel

I’ve been back from my tea tour to Sri Lanka for about four days and I’m still processing all I experienced—or rather all “we” experienced as there were eightRead more

Thanksgiving, Dutch and Tea

I’m going to take this blog on a journey and I hope you want to stay with me.  I am reading a book called Island at the Center ofRead more

Discover Ujeon!

Worth the money.  That’s all I have to say about Korean Ujeon green tea; well, I do have more to say, but that is what comes to mind everyRead more

What is a tea plant cultivar?

Think of varietals with wine: there are Sauvignon Blanc; Chardonnay; Merlot,  and many, many others.   In the tea world, cultivars are varietals for Camellia sinensis—the tea plant .  InRead more

An ET Winner at the Northwest Tea Festival

This blog is about a tea that took us by surprise at the Northwest Tea Festival—Ajiri Kenyan Black Tea!  This is the winner of the tea competition in theRead more

Good Sleep

  I read another article this morning telling readers how to get good sleep—unfortunately, the author  didn’t say anything new or anything that really has helped me get aRead more

Tea Boy

What is a tea boy?  This was a new term to me…but I came across it reading one of my favorite detective series: Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear.   ThisRead more

Plan to Attend The Northwest Tea Festival

  Put it on your calendar now: it’s October 5 & 6 at Seattle Center, Fischer Pavillion.  For anyone who has even a slight interest in tea, this isRead more

The Tea Expo

Well this is long overdue!  I have been back from Las Vegas for 1-1/2 weeks and am only now sharing my experiences.  I think it takes some time to…Read More

A Tea and Food Field trip

I went on a foodie field trip today—to Portland, with my good friend Lucinda, to eat my way through the food truck world that has grown to over 600…Read More

Steeping Loose-leaf Tea–Simplified

My friend Veda came in to buy tea the other day and wanted to seriously talk to me about being more assertive in helping people feel empowered to use…Read More

tea…way more than a drink

Trying to spread the word about tea and its many nurturing gifts—it takes a lot more than advertising in local newspapers.  Especially what I do here at Experience Tea…Read More

Having a tea party?

We had two different people in the Studio the other day asking to buy tea for an upcoming bridal shower of 20 to 25 people.   As I talked with each…Read More

Good tea at the office…

Don’t just dream about it, start a “tea club” among your co-workers so you can all enjoy good tasting loose leaf tea at work.  If your workplace is like…Read More

Making Kombucha

We had a unique tea experience in the Studio this week—our Kombucha class.  Kombucha is a fermented beverage made from true tea.  It requires a starter scoby (symbiotic colony…Read More

A Korean Tea Experience

I first saw a full Korean Tea Ceremony (called Darye) this past fall—in China at the Ten Fu Tea University, and was entranced with the beauty and graciousness exhibited.  …Read More

Tea–a lifestyle business

I was in the International District yesterday, visiting my friends and wholesalers, Grace and Dafe who own New Century Tea Gallery.  I went in to stock up on several…Read More

Humbled by Silver Needle

Much of the purpose with my White & Pu’erh Teas class is to introduce people to the variety of tastes and aromas (and price range) of the teas which…Read More