Home School Seminar

I’m teaching a four week Tea Discovery Seminar for Labyrinth Home School Co-op in Sammamish this April.  We actually started our first class on March 31.  We are exploringRead more

Tea Classes in Unlikely Places

Even without knowing much about tea, most people can understand the appeal of a tea class for a group of women or kids.  Even though my Tea Discovery ClassesRead more

Liu xiang

It means “keep smelling” or “after taste/smell”.  It is the smell in the empty gaiwan after you have discarded the tea leaves and the gaiwan has cooled a little. Read more

I’ll put a kettle on…

I’ve recently become hooked on “Last Tango in Halifax”, a British television series that is available on Netflix (my only media entertainment).  It is wonderfully cast and is aRead more

Tea Bonds Us

  From guest-blogger/customer Sara.   Who knew tea was so charismatic? My daughter, who is now 17, became very interested in tea when she was in middle school. ItRead more

Allow Tea to Serve You

  Most times we think of tea we focus on serving tea—either to ourselves or others, and, the experience is hopefully delicious.  Usually the motivation is about drinking teaRead more

More Food Fun with Tea

I’ve been experimenting a bit more with my favorite recipes and have developed this “Lady Gray” Shortbread that customers have been raving about. The shortbread recipe comes from MaidaRead more

Girl Scouts at the 2014 Northwest Tea Festival

As members of the Northwest Tea Festival Planning Committee, we are all tasked with promotion of the Tea Festival—to find new and different ways to let people know aboutRead more

Three months of “the magical tea night”

We had our third evening of “How to Read Your Own Tea Leaves” last Thursday and I’m more committed to this event than ever.  I’m not sure what IRead more

Oriental Beauty

When you get a good Oriental Beauty, you feel like you have arrived in tea heaven.  The aroma alone is very floral and complex—not the fresh floral of someRead more

Finding Tea in The Sun

    My favorite magazine, The Sun, arrived yesterday, and if you have never read this subscriber-supported magazine—then I urge you to treat yourself and find the July issue.  Read more

I’m a believer

…in the power of tea to transform a food!  I’ve just returned from The 2014 World Tea Expo held in Long Beach, California and absolutely loved my Culinary TeasRead more

A Green Tea Tasting Comparison Event

Thursday July 10, 2014 – Thursday July 10, 2014 195 Front Street Map and Directions | Register Description:  Green Tea Tasting/Comparison Event July 10, 2014 7PM Come spend an evening…Read More

Drink Your Tea…You Deserve It!

(I love this picture) Often I’m asked “how long does tea last?”  There are many qualifications and exceptions, but generally you should enjoy your tea within 12 months ofRead more

Lapsang Souchong Gingerbread

Yum!  I took the best gingerbread recipe and made it even better!  This recipe is from an old El Molino Flour Co. cookbook that I’ve had for 30 years. Read more

Steeping Green Tea

All varieties of true tea have their recommended steeping times and temperatures—most people are aware of this, but many don’t bother.  I’ve heard all kinds of reasons: it’s tooRead more

What is Matcha?

I get asked this question a lot, which is surprising to me because of the recent surge in popularity of matcha-style milkshakes (lattes), matcha cakes and cookies, and matchaRead more

The Mystery of Flavored Teas

This has come up several times recently—what creates the flavor in that raspberry (chocolate…mango…coconut…jasmine) tea I like?  Many people love flavored teas, but with more awareness around food additives,Read more

Bed Tea

Preparing a tray with your favorite teapot and cup, maybe a lovely treat to go with it and carting it all back (up in my case) to your bedroom,Read more

Ajiri Tea–Changing lives in Africa

I just received the loveliest card from Kate, one of the Founders of Ajiri Tea and Ajiri Foundation.  As many of you know, Experience Tea makes an annual donationRead more