My “Tea Wishes” for the New Year

I’m wishing you all a rich and enjoyable year in all aspects of your life.  Since I kind of live my life through tea, I’m more focused on whatRead more

Tea Opens Worlds and Connects

I know I focus on this a lot, but in the past week I’ve had so many people tell me about how tea influenced goodness in their lives…beyond itsRead more

Golden Monkey

I love the Chinese black tea called Golden Monkey. The challenge for me is to find a really good one  every year because good tea runs out (dang!).  It’sRead more

Red Rooibos or Green?

“Have you ever tried green rooibos?” I hear myself ask this question several times a week.  Red rooibos (pronounced roy-bus) or red bush tea is a popular non-caffeinated herbalRead more

Discovering Tea in Boulder

I visited my daughter in Colorado this past week and took the opportunity to find a couple of tea places in the Boulder area: Ku Cha on Pearl StreetRead more

There’s Always the Tea To Talk About

There’s lots of benefits in a Tea Discovery Class, but I believe one of the biggest treasures is the opportunity for parents to take the class with their pre-teensRead more

Thick Tea in Kyoto

One of the many unique experiences we had on our Japanese tea tour, was visiting the oldest teahouse in Kyoto: Ippodo Tea Co. –it is nearly 300 years old. Read more

Respect for tea–a purpose

I admit it’s a stretch for most people—to agree to take a tea class.  I knew this from the beginning, when I was first envisioning my tea business.  IRead more

Green Teas: Different Tastes for Different Palates

Sencha Tencha and resulting Matcha Sometimes people come into the Studio seeking green teas because they have read an article about health benefits, or their doctor has recommended theyRead more

Experience Tea Moves to the Front!

After three and a half years I’m moving from Studio C here inside our 195 Front Street building to the Front Street retail space—known as Studio B.  It’s a reallyRead more

Iced Tea To-go and Experience Tea

OK, so here is what I have to say: no…at least for now.  The really hot weather is upon us, earlier in the summer than what I remember fromRead more

Morning Tea With The Sun

My July issue of The Sun arrived yesterday and I have been absorbed in it all morning—making it even better with a large pot of organic English breakfast tea. Read more

2015 Korean Sejak

The 2015 Korean Sejak is finally here and I’m really pleased.  First of all the taste is wonderfully green and vegetal, but the finish really sets this tea apartRead more

Staying at a Ryokan

What a delight this was!  I had no idea what to expect from the brief description of a Ryokan and really the experience of staying in one…it just hasRead more

Saying good-bye to a valued neighbor (for now)

If you have been into the Studio over the past two years, then you have probably also discovered my retail neighbor business “So There”, owned by artist Alison Lang. Read more

Tohei and his Principles of Tea

Tohei Maejima is a tea planter specializing in Gyokuro, the lovely shade grown green tea known for its sweet, rich flavor. I’m not sure of Tohei’s age—he had thatRead more

Japan Tea Tour Part 1

  I’ve been home from Japan over a week and I’m still assimilating back into life here.  With each tea tour (this is the fourth over five years) IRead more

Girl Scouts and Northwest Tea Festival “Tea & Cultures”

What a fun and inspiring event this turned out to be!  On behalf of the Northwest Tea Festival, four of us presented two 2-hour events last Sunday, connecting girlsRead more

Changing Peoples’ Lives

I found myself saying this to someone again the other day—tea changes peoples’ lives.  For those who don’t know tea, this may sound a bit dramatic, but for thoseRead more

Touring Japan through Tea–My May Trip

(pictures are from World Tea Tours Website) Each year I try to go somewhere in the world to experience tea and this year I’m fortunate to join World TeaRead more