A Tea Class for Homeschool Students

Coming up with a 90 minute class that includes ages five to 11 can be challenging though… I want to provide a fun learning experience so everyone feels included…Read More

Welcome to a New Year!

I hope you are as excited about 2019 as I am!  2018 was a year of challenge and change for many of my customers—and myself.  We grown through challenges…Read More

Afternoon Tea or High Tea?

Occasionally I receive calls asking if the Studio offers “High Tea”?  I am pretty sure what the person is looking for, and with further questioning it’s clear the caller…Read More

A British Tea Tour

Tea & Cake! I’ve just returned from 10 days in England and Scotland—tasting tea, experiencing Afternoon Tea (in many different places), learning more about notable people in tea history,

Tea and Weight loss

One of my regular customers suggested I add a class on Tea and Weight loss—adding that “it would probably be really popular”. I’m not likely to offer this class,…Read More

A World of Experience

I was walking my dog along Issaquah’s Community Center trail this morning—a typical route I take several times a week to Confluence Park.  On this day I met a…Read More

Convincing Families One-by-One

I love to hear it: …”my son is really into tea”…, or ”my daughter is 12 and loves tea—I don’t know where she gets this fascination with tea…”  I…Read More

Shan Lin Xi

At an elevation of about 5,000 ft. is the tea growing area of Shan Lin Xi. I have tasted and loved the tea well before coming to Taiwan, so…Read More

the tea will tell you….

While in Taiwan, Alfredo, Elyse, Rie and I visited a tea planter named Rebeca Yu in Hsinchu. She has a lovely tea house in a beautiful little town (but…Read More

Taiwan Tea Tour Highlights

Tea tours are so much more than just tea—they immerse you in the lives and richness of the cultures you’re visiting and this is a big reason I go.…Read More

The Northwest Tea Festival–2017 is its 10th Year!

I know September is far away and we’re hardly seeing our longer days, but I just want to ask all my readers to mark their calendars for September 30

Surrender to Tea?

This morning during my daily meditation a tea thought intruded (this so often happens) that tea is something you surrender to while it seems to me coffee is more

Celebrating Five Years!

I can’t believe it’s almost been five years since opening Experience Tea—time has passed so quickly.  But then, when I think of all that’s happened, the wonderful customers I’ve…Read More

Ling Brings Tea

My friend Ling has been coming into the Studio since 2013 and every time she comes she brings tea for me.  She is proud of the teas grown in…Read More

The Coolest People…

One of my regulars—a college student, I’ll call her Shauna (yes, a made-up name), came into the Studio last week to catch up.  She talked about her summer job as…Read More

2016 Northwest Tea Festival–it’s not too early to plan

I hope you are doing some fall planning.  What(?) we’re finally getting summer here in the northwest!  One of the best things about fall is the Northwest Tea Festival—so…Read More


I just have to write about this again: tea is so very culturally inclusive!  This was demonstrated the other day in a Children’s Tea & Etiquette class organized by…Read More

A Steeping Tool/Vessel Choice is Very Personal

With four years of helping people choose steeping vessels and tools, I’ve learned just how important it is that the choice of vessel fits a tea drinker’s lifestyle.  The…Read More

Ajiri Tea is Changing Lives in Kenya

Another year has passed and Experience Tea made our annual donation to Ajiri Foundation—equal to $1 per box of tea sold.  In 2015 we sold 47 boxes of Ajiri…Read More

White Tea as “Morning Tea”

When I want to enjoy a big pot of tea, it’s going to be black tea or white tea.  I love greens, oolongs and pu’erh, but in small doses—and…Read More