what do we do in a tea class?

It’s all about tasting and discovering really good tea. 90 minutes goes very fast as we are visiting different parts of the world, tasting, comparing, and gaining experience with unique and exquisite teas.

Through pictures from Roberta’s tea travels, we get into some of the science of how tea is made and what creates the complexity that expresses itself in your cup. Are you interested in the reported health benefits of tea? We’ll touch on the research and what the latest science says. Most importantly, you will have fun, meet interesting people—both in class and in history, and by the end of the class, you’ll never think of tea the same way.

In the Tea Blending Classes we take it all a step further and work with different teas and a multitude of blending ingredients, guiding you to make your perfect blend. You will learn structure and some basics of tea blending to use for future blends too. Each participant takes home their blended tea.