Come discover tea

So many tastes, and a multitude of dimensions–it’s all here for you!  Teas, classes and good tea tools—empowering you in your tea journey.  Whether you choose to visit the Studio or shop online, Experience Tea specialists will help you find the teas for your taste and pleasure.


With over 180 teas and herbals, Experience Tea is the ideal choice for finding your perfect cup of tea.  Our teas are carefully sourced from knowledgeable importers, bringing us teas from around the world.  The Studio has an extensive offering of white, green, oolong, black and pu’erh teas.  Want to avoid caffeine?  Explore our herbal selections.

Classes: online & in-studio

Experience Tea classes are fun and informative and are really the backbone of creating an empowered tea-life.  Classes are offered both online with live-streaming or in-person in our tea studio–all the classes involve tea-tasting.  Experience tea with friends and family locally or across the nation!

In the studio

You’ll find all our 180 teas on the shelves with sensory jars—offering you a chance to explore the teas on your own, or with help from our specialists.  We also have an extensive array of good quality tea ware: teapots, steeping cups, matcha bowls and whisks, Chinese gaiwans and more.

Sonnetts Chocolates

Artisan chocolate truffles and caramels are created and beautifully boxed by chocolate-artist Lee Mannikko and are only offered here at Experience Tea.  Once you taste one of Lee’s creations, you will be back for more.  Lee is a second-generation local chocolatier—her mother started Sonnetts in 1967 and at one time had a store on Main Street in Bellevue.

Customer talk

Highly recommend [you] stop in at Roberta’s Experience Tea.  It is a great tasting and learning experience.  Make the stop, you will not regret it!


Order online for shipping or local pick-up

You may get your teas in whatever way works for you!  Teas are usually shipped the same day as order received.  Can’t find what you are looking for online?  Please call us—206-406-9838.